’80s Space Invaders Aliens If They Were Created Today

If you are a Space Invaders, Alien or Predator fan, you are going to love this. Space Invaders was always in my top five video games of the ’80s. It was actually released in 1978, and if you remember, the alien invaders in the game back then were pixelated and very basic. We didn’t know the graphics were so simple though.

We didn’t know any different, and we didn’t even care since the way we imagined that space battle in our minds was enough to make those alien creatures look real, even though they were only one color and had very little detail to them.

Have you ever wondered what those alien space invaders would look like if that game was created today? Have you ever wondered what one of those aliens looks like up close and personal? Character and creature modeling artist Tom Carruthers did and holy crap, they’re actually scary, like for real.

If you want to see what I mean, click on each one of the pictures below and watch a huge alien, predator, space invader-ish creature in high resolution cover your computer screen which will make you squeal (either in delight or fear, depending on how much you like this kind of stuff). I’m all into it, and right off the top of my head I can think of about eight other fictitious, pixelated creatures that I would love to see Tom recreate. If you would like to download these in an even larger size, you can find them on CGHUB where Tom has made them available to everyone. These are fabulous!

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Via: [thaeger] [ecrans.fr]