A Classy iPhone Engraving For Geeks With Style!

Now this is sophisticated geek style at its best! After all, you can’t exactly be considered cool just because you have an iPhone, right? I mean, so many people have them, and for the most part, they all look alike.

However, what if you could do something to solidify your coolness by adding something stylish and unique to your iPhone. How about getting that plain metal border engraved?

Viljo Marrandi over at Knives and Engraving learned this art by practicing on his own iPhone. According to him, this design featured below is a very simple scroll design, but because of how tough the stainless steel is, it took him 8 hours to complete. To me, this is so much classier than these luxury iPhone 4 cases or even this $108,880 iPhone case. This is simple, sophisticated and supremely geeky. I love it!