A Comic Book Manicure: Batman & Supervillain Nail Art

I’ve seen Batman and his villains illustrated in nail art before, but this particular set is unbelievably fabulous. In these pictures, from pinky to thumb, you’ll see Riddler, Joker, Bane, Harley Quinn and of course, Batman.

These nail art designs were created by the 20-year-old blogger behind The Nailasaurus. She polishes something new on her nails every single day and blogs about it. When she started her blog in 2009, she had 20 bottles of nail polish. Now she has over 120. Wow, I wonder where she stores all that nail polish! I don’t think that many would even fit in all my vanity drawers.

Just the other day I published an article about how to get DIY Strawberry Nails. If you’ve ever wanted to get that look before, the tutorial is sweet and simple. With all the super cool nail art we’ve featured before, I still think this Harry Potter Inspired Nail Art is my favorite. This Batman art is a close second though! Each one of these nails is as creative as the next. I love the detail, and how she got the smudged Joker to look so authentic. Very, very cool!

Comic Book Manicures Polish

Comic Book Manicure Polish

Comic Book Manicure Polish

Via: [Fashion Tips From Comic Strips]