A Fabulous Fan Created Klingon LED Coffee Table

Star Trek fans love everything Klingon in a very special way. They are loyal and dedicated, and it’s always fun to write about their designs. We’ve written about how to speak Klingon, and how to type with a Klingon keyboard, but never before have I seen a fan so dedicated that he even put Klingon-like music in the video about his design. Talk about attention to detail, that is some serious Star Trek love right there!

The designer, Nick Woodrow, created this from some pine, some acrylic, a bunch of LEDs and a jar of varnish. It sounds simple, and many times the geekiest designs are. He put it all together to make this fabulous Klingon coffee table. The triangle top and multi-color lights just add to the whole spaceship feel to it all. You can tell by looking at this that he spent a lot of time to make sure he got it all just right. Nick is even offering to make one of these for anyone who wants to buy it. I don’t have any word on what the price is, but you can contact him directly through the link I provided above or YouTube.

I know, I can see it now… I’d put on my little Star Trek dress and meet you at this Klingon table at 5pm for drinks. You can play Spock (and put these ears on) and we can mind-meld each other. I guess I have a very geeky imagination.

Klingon Wood Table Design Build

Via: [Obvious Winner]