A Guilty Pleasure for Geeks: The Star Wars Plush Toy!

Toys are no longer just for kids, they are now for grownups too. I have friends and family members that collect unique figurines and action figures that are very expensive, and they keep them in mint condition. They even dedicate an entire room to them, or they have custom made casings to display their collection. One collection that I would really love to complete is the Star Wars collection I found at Think Geek. Everyone loves the metal version of the Star Wars characters, but I am sure there are occasions when it would be good to snuggle or hug one when we sleep.

Not only are they huggable, but each character makes their signature sound when you squeeze them. Chewbacca has his famous growling wookie sound, R2D2 with his blips, Vader with his low breathing sound and Yoda has his wise voice and gives Jedi advice.   Another cool feature is that you have an option as to the size of the plush characters. They come in 4″, 9″ and 15″. The 4″ ones can be used to spruce up your back pack, keys or laptop bags. The large ones are mainly for hugging. I think that it’s a great gift for your geek friends this coming holiday season! The prices range from $8.99 to $39.99. I have included a video for how the plush toys work. I believe this is one guilty pleasure you would want your geek friends to indulge in!