A-Z Star Wars Chart Made From Silhouettes Will Test Your Jedi Skills

When I was looking at this Star Wars chart this morning, I was thinking that it really is the ultimate geek test. It’s just hard enough where a non-geek would have trouble with the answers, and just easy enough were a true geek would get all 26 answers correct with ease.

It’s an interesting A – Z alphabet Star Wars chart, and each letter obviously stands for something in the Star Wars universe. Since it’s created with only silhouettes, you have to really know Star Wars to get all of them correct. Of course there are some gimmees in here that almost everyone will get right, like A, C, D, M and W. But then there are some more tricky ones thrown in like R, P and Z.

This Star Wars chart was created by Patrick Concepcion, and you can purchase a printed copy (with the answers on the bottom) in the ConcepcionStudios Etsy store for $40. In my opinion, this would be perfect in any room, whether it’s an office or a baby’s nursery. If this Star Wars chart is too advanced for you, you might prefer the Star Wars Kid’s Alphabet chart instead. Any parent who gets one of these for their kid must be the best mom or dad in the world!

Most readers of Bit Rebels are Star Wars fans, so I would guess you all would have no problem with this. According to ChartGeek, this is your geek ranking based on how many of these you are able to figure out…

All 26: Yup, you’re a geek!
20 – 25: What? Are you a Trekkie or something?
5 – 19: Average
1 – 4: Why are you even looking at this?
0: Hmmm…you must be either under the age of 1 or over the age of 100

Good luck!

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Via: [Geeks Are Sexy]