A Zombie Wedding – Blood Never Looked So Romantic!

When I wrote the article: Vampires vs. Zombies – Do You Know The Difference? several months ago, I was surprised by how many of our readers sent me emails and tweets with their comments on the topic.

It seems there are a lot of people that are really interested in the whole vampire and zombie culture. I had no idea how popular it truly is. I’m sure the Twilight pop culture phenomenon has something to do with that.

For all you vampire and zombie lovers, I thought you’d appreciate this story. These pictures below are from a real, legit, zombie-themed wedding that took place in Russia a few days ago. I know, right? If we had a WTF category on Bit Rebels, I would put this in it.

Katie from orlajames.com said “This is a great idea, definitely one to remember. It makes the wedding more interactive for the guests.

This couple really enjoys having wacky weddings. This is their third wedding to each other. To make it legal, they got divorced (their second wedding was a Goth-themed) so they could officially get remarried the third time as zombies. Hmm… If history repeats itself, they will probably get divorced and remarried in another wacky themed event. This is unusual but sweet, in a romantically bloody kind of way. Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

[Image Source: English Russia]