11 Wedding Favors That Will Add Some Geekiness To Your Special Day

Are you a TGB? If you’re reading this article about geeky wedding favors, you probably are, even if you haven’t accepted it yet. TCB stands for “Token Geeky Bridesmaid.” It’s a term that I just coined, but trust me, I’ve played the role in enough weddings to know what I’m talking about. I am a TCB. I accept it. I flaunt it. I own it.

Next year, I’ll be the maid of honor for my little sister’s wedding, and although her Netflix queue looks like it was created by Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, she’s more into science than sci-fi. In other words, she’s no geek. She’s a classy lady with classy tastes, and she’s looking to me for equally classy advice on centerpieces, lighting and wedding favors. It’s not exactly working out. I hit Pinterest, and in less than five minutes, I’m on the phone trying to convince little sis what a great idea a Tardis photobooth would be. She doesn’t know what a Tardis is. She is not amused.

So I come to you, my fellow TCBs, to share my favorite geeky wedding finds in the hopes that I’ll get this out of my system and finally be able to give lil’ sis an idea that won’t result in some major eye-rolling.

When I browse online for geeky wedding ideas, wedding favors are, by far, my favorite thing to brainstorm. If you ask me, they’re one of the best parts of weddings (aside from the cake and awkward drunken speeches of course). And if, like me, you’ve been exploring the far reaches of the Internet looking for clever wedding ideas, you’ll realize that fellow TCBs and brides have designed some seriously creative geeky wedding favors (maybe we’re just trying to take home some cool geek-swag for ourselves). Need proof? Just check out the awesome favor ideas below. There’s something for every flavor of geek from Yoda Soda to Custom Gamer Dice. To all of my fellow TCBs – you’re welcome. To all of your unsuspecting brides – I’m sorry.

The Geekiest Wedding Favors On The Internet

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