According To Science: All Males Were Once Females (Really!)

I can’t stop giggling over this. According to science, all males were once females. Bhahahaha! I’m a huge fan of the AsapScience YouTube channel, and when I went there today and read, “Dear Gentlemen, science has a confession. You were once…a female, which helps explain where your nipples came from,” I knew I had to check it out. It turns out, it’s true! According to science you were really once a female, well, for the first 5-6 weeks you were an embryo.

As you know, in chromosome terms, a female is xx and a male is xy. The thing is, the male’s y chromosome doesn’t kick in and start juicing up until 5-6 weeks into the embryonic development.

During that time, you develop your nipples and ovaries. After the y chromosome jump starts, it makes sure you don’t develop boobies, and your ovaries descend downward and become testicles. If the y chromosome does not activate at the right time or at all for some reason, the male will develop with some female characteristics. I wonder if that’s where man-boobs come from. Probably not. Those probably come from too much beer and potato chips.

So does that mean all human life evolves from females? Could that be why, in the animal kingdom, females are many times the dominant ones? Is that the reason why women are the ones who have the babies? Does this mean women are more evolved than men? I have so many questions about this and how it could possibly explain all kinds of things, including why women always know best. Remember that guys. Hey, it’s all according to science, and you can’t argue with that. tee hee If you want to check out another one of these AsapScience videos that is really good, click over to The Science Behind Procrastination & How To Manage It.

According To Science, All Guys Used To Be Girls


Header Image Credit: [Advanced Skin Wisdom]