Add Some Geek To The World – Repair Buildings With Lego!

We all know that over time, the walls on old buildings and monuments begins to age and crumble. Sometimes those cracks and crumbles add personality to structures, but other times, they make the buildings look old and sad.

Jan Vormann, a 26-year-old artist from Germany, has devoted the past three years of his life to traveling around the world and repairing these crumbles in old buildings by using Lego!

He started this tour in Rome at an art fair. He said his favorite building so far was one in Berlin where the building was damaged by bullet holes from WWII. If you are in the States, you can see his work on several buildings in New York. Jan has single handedly brought sunshine to thousands of people with his project and his brightly colored Lego bricks. What a touching and beautiful story!

[via telegraph]