Aquaman Will Not Be A Part Of The Justice League Movie Line Up

Aquaman will not be a prominent member of the Justice League movie line up. It seems that DC has yet again decided to duck under the covers and not do the right thing by their character franchises. According to Cinema Blend, the Justice League looks like it will consist of the heavy hitters: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman. Martian Man-Hunter and Aquaman may make an appearance or cameo within the film.

While the announcement of character casting and cameos may still be considered a rumor at this point, it is still a fact that by not including the “Hero of Atlantis,” DC has revealed themselves to be (at least by this comic nerd) downright cowardly. A pilot that spun from the successful Smallville franchise had a tremendous hit as an iTunes download. Geoff Johns had proposed to make Aquaman cool again in 2011 and followed through with his promise in the New 52 series. The Aquatic Prince was even the highlighted movie role for Vinnie Chase of Entourage – so why not add him to the initial line up of the Justice League movie or even the focal character of the film?

Let me clarify that I am not a fan of Aquaman. I am straight up a Batman fanatic. With the end of the Nolan Batman series and the question of casting JGL as the next Dark Knight, my questions of DC’s intentions are countless. I will however stand up for Aquaman as a viable founding member of the Justice League. Aquaman has proven countless times to be an incredible asset to the DC super team, calling upon giant sea creatures and spearing villains with his golden Triton. Aquaman has definitely seen some changes to his appearance and origin, even sporting a wicked hook for a hand, but he still manages to come up short as comic fans least favorite hero. So how does a hero that captures the butt end of all aquatic jokes gain a position on the Justice League?

Comic fans should remember the highlights of Aquaman’s powers rather than his ability to “talk to fish.” The man can reach speeds underwater that rival that of most flying heroes. His strength and advantage in and out of the water go unmatched. He has even thrown a charging polar bear at evil poachers! He may not be Gotham’s caped crusader, but Aquaman deserves his chance to shine. What do you think? Is Aquaman the JLA’s hope and savior or just a fish’s best friend? Check out these ten reasons why Aquaman is badass.

Aquaman Will Not Be A Part Of The Justice League Movie Line Up



Image Credits: [TQQ: Aquaman]