Are You An Airline Geek?

I just learned about a new sub-species of geek this week. It is the classic airline geek.

According to the Washington Post, airline geeks are “…frequent fliers who chase inaugural flights because they adore airlines, airplanes, even airports. They seek to be part of airline milestones.” Upon further investigation, I’ve also learned that an airline geek usually knows off the top of his head the fastest route between two cities, he is someone who meticulously chooses his seats online, and he always prints the boarding pass from the internet before leaving home. An airline geek also uses the airport kiosks for all his check-in needs, completely avoiding all contact with human beings at the airport if possible.

There are even eight iPhone apps for airline geeks. I’m definitely going to be checking these out. To view the detailed list, click here.

And, assuming you are an airline geek, to further cultivate your thirst for airline geekiness, the Airline Industry Review just published a Who’s Who in Aviation last month of Aviation Tweeters you should follow. Check that list out here.

To understand the airline geek better, check out this video clip:

I’m a geek in many ways, but I’m sad to say, I’m not an airline geek. As a matter of fact, I’m probably the annoying person sitting next to you trying to strike up a conversation. I found this very cool video below of a flight attendant’s rap. Now this is the kind of flight I’d like to be on!