5 Types Of Geeks: Which One Are You Dating? [Infographic]

I think most girls who read this blog would agree with me that it’s a no brainer to date a geek. And I’m not talking about a poser geek either, I’m talking about the real thing. Genuine geeks are kind, sensitive, loving and better in bed. With a true geek, you can open your heart and not worry that he’s going to take advantage of your feelings. According to this infographic, there are 5 types of geeks. Which one are you dating?

Long gone are the days when geeks couldn’t date hot girls. Now geeks are in high demand, and I hope all the geek guys out there are enjoying their reign as kings. Although I think there are way more than 5 types of geeks in the world, just to play along, let’s look at what is listed here. We’ve got the hot geek, the funny geek, the alter ego geek, the academic geek and the ultimate geek.

You can start at the top and work your way down to see which one you are dating. I think it’s worth noting that according to this, if you meet your geek online, he’s the ultimate geek (aww…). You dating a geek probably makes all your friends jealous and your family perplexed (and impressed). Don’t pay any attention to them. Just treat him right and treasure what you have. Geek are very special, and as we always say here at Bit Rebels, “Someday geeks will inherit the earth.”

Before I close this out, I just wanted to say that the 10 reasons why geeks make better dates list at the bottom of this infographic is spot on. Every one of these things are true, and number 10 especially makes me smile. So, which type of geek are you dating? [Are You Dating A Geek? infographic provided by gimmitech.co.uk]

Which Type Of Geek Are You Dating?

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