Are You In Love? Prove It With A Rubber Stamp!

So, you are in love and you are ready to make it official. No, I didn’t mean you are ready to get married, I was referring to something else… You are ready to make it official and have a rubber stamp made of your faces!

Do you love your significant other’s face enough to stamp it on all your letters and documents? If you do, I declare it true love! How about your own face? This is actually a cute little design, and maybe someday, if I ever transform into a hopeless romantic, I will have one made.

I noticed that it’s possible to order a stamp with just one face on it, but dang, that would be downright depressing. I mean, at least put your dog’s face on your stamp with you or something! I suppose this might be nice for wedding invitations or holiday cards. Nothing says your relationship will last forever like a custom made rubber stamp! You can order this stamp here for $45. The ink pad comes separately.

[via Cool Things]