Batmobile Lawn Mower Mod: Okay, Now I’ll Learn To Cut The Grass

Who likes to mow the lawn? Yeah, I’m right there with you. My lawn is usually up to my knees before I deal with it. Well, maybe it doesn’t get quite THAT high, but somebody pleeeeease remove this chore from our lives. When a kid comes to my front door and says, “I’ll mow your lawn for forty bucks,” I usually say, “Dude, I’ll give you fifty and bag of candy if you always come to my house first.” It’s a good thing my mother taught me the art of negotiation.

All of that would change though if I had this lawn mower. This thing would make me suddenly interested in cutting the grass. And, if I could wear a Batman mask at the same time, it might just become my favorite weekend chore. It almost makes me wish someone would look for tractors for sale and make a bigger batman mod that is capable of farming.

It turns out that deviantART member *SailorUsagiChan knows of a friend of a friend of a friend… wait… I think it’s just a friend once removed, I don’t know – Let’s just say she knows someone whose father modded his lawn mower into a drivable Batmobile in order to follow his alumni’s float in a local parade. The theme of the parade was Batman. When the parade was over, he decided to keep it as a Batmobile for mowing the lawn. I’m so glad he didn’t un-do the coolest thing that has ever been done to a lawn mower. Whoever you are, you are a very smart man. I bet you’re good at cutting the grass too.

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Via: [Ian Brooks] Image Credit: [SailorUsagiChan 1 / deviantART] [SailorUsagiChan 2 / deviantART]