Best 4-Day Sale EVER: Turbocharge Your Site $1 For 1TB At MaxCDN

This deal is sick! I’m so excited that I get to be one of the first people to write about it. Forget all those boring Black Friday sales on clothes and stuff for your house, and check this one out instead. It was created by geeks for geeks, and if you’ve been thinking about doing something to speed up the load time of your site, this is your lucky day.

Let me quickly tell you a story. A year ago, I didn’t know what a CDN was. Our traffic was increasing on Bit Rebels at lightening speed, and we started experiencing problems with the site. It suddenly got wonky, and even though Richard is an absolute genius (for real) when it comes to optimizing it, things were still not loading fast enough.

When we contacted MaxCDN and started working with them, suddenly everything was solved, instantly. Our load time, our traffic and our happiness all got tons better. This is a true story, and that is the reason why you see us promote MaxCDN as often as we do. We believe in their service 100%, and we can recommend them to you without any hesitation. If you have a website that is experiencing growth, and if you are noticing the pages are loading slower than you’d like, now is your chance to fix all that. If you want to understand more about exactly what a CDN does, you can watch the video below which explains it all in plain English. It’s really fascinating stuff!

For 4 days only, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (PST), you can get your first TB for only ONE DOLLAR. I know; it’s insane. You don’t need a coupon code or anything like that. If you visit MaxCDN during those 4 days (PST), you will automatically be given the discount. If you’ve never heard of a CDN before, I understand you might be nervous about this. I was right where you are a year ago. You know me though, and I can tell you firsthand, if you need speed on your site, this will be a very good decision. Give your website a holiday present it will never forget!

To Get This Special Price: Go To MaxCDN anytime between
12:01am on Black Friday through 11:59pm on Cyber Monday (PST)

CDN Content Delivery Network MaxCDN

CDN Content Delivery Network MaxCDN

* This special price is for new customers only.