Bored? Want a Light Show? Put a CD in the Microwave!

I love smashing, blowing up, destroying and burning things just to see what they look and feel like afterwards. I know, it’s something teenagers do, but I can’t help it. It’s just hard to resist, and the fact that we aren’t supposed to do it makes it even more fun.

Have you ever put a CD in the microwave? Today I was messing around on, and I found these pictures of a microwaved CD. At first when I saw these, I thought, “No way!” I immediately jumped over to YouTube to see if I could get verification.

I found this 40-second video below, which pretty much confirms the pictures. The epic laugh at the end of the video is even better than the light show. To double make sure this was correct, I went out to my car to find my CD collection. After careful consideration, I decided to microwave my Prince and the Revolution “Purple Rain” CD. (What the hell was that doing in my car anyway? Talk about an 8th grade flashback.) I can officially verify that I created a beautiful rainbow right there in my microwave. Prince would be proud. It was loud too, like 4th of July in my kitchen. Yeah baby! I highly recommend doing this for a little weekend fun. The only problem is, now I’m thinking my microwave isn’t fit for food anymore. Oh well, I was about to throw that old thing out anyway.