Chocomize: Make Your Own Creative Chocolate Bars!

Today has been tasty, hasn’t it? I started out the morning writing about a chocolate boat that you can really sail in! In the afternoon, I wrote about chocolate condoms for the frisky geeks out there. Now, tonight, in my third and final chocolate article of the day, I am going to share with you a chocolate website to die for!

If you do a lot of online shopping like I do, you are probably aware of the new online trend. It is called “co-creation” and it’s all about your choosing exactly what you want and creating your product to fit your needs.

Chocomize is one of the most successful companies embracing this trend. At you can create your own chocolate candy bars exactly like you want them. There is no set up fee or minimum order. You just click on how you want your candy, and it is handmade to fit your order and delivered to you in a jiffy.

Now… the only question is… what will you have put into your chocolate bar? The choices and combinations are truly endless. You can choose almost any kind of candy, nut, fruit and sugary delight you can think of. How about bacon in your chocolate? Yep, that is even an option. You can even have your chocolate bar adorned with 23 karat gold flakes if you like. Chocomize has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Oprah and CNN just to name a few media outlets. This is one website that is definitely going into my bookmarks!

[via Incredible Things]