Clockwork Horrors & Ancient Time Lords At PAX East

There’s always some awesome stuff to be found on Reddit, though sadly, I have to admit that I wasn’t the one who discovered this one this time around. Designed by the wonderfully talented Clara Kim, the costume is designed after the Clockwork Androids from the Doctor Who episode “The Girl in the Fireplace.”

The most impressive part of the costume, aside from the well designed Victorian era clothing, is the fact that if you take the mask off, it’s actually got clockwork in the head. Kim achieved this rather creepy effect through a rather ingenious design in the petticoat, crafting it so that she could see out the front while walking around with the clockwork face worn as a hat.

Oh, and she also included a mechanism with which she could raise and lower the oversized arms. Creepy, no? Kim admitted in her cosplay blog on livejournal that she lacked the experience, materials, and skills to make the clockwork within the head show-accurate, so it’s a simplified clockwork model, but at the same time, the rest of the costume is so brilliantly done that such a small detail hardly seems to matter much at all.

I’m horrendously inexperienced at cosplaying myself- though I’ve been told I make an excellent Doctor Horrible- so I always feel a sense of admiration (tinged with the tiniest prick of jealousy) whenever I see  a truly excellent costume. And this costume right here definitely fits the bill. The fellow with her makes a rather fetching Fourth Doctor, to boot- though I don’t recall any of the Time Lord’s incarnations being bearded. I’ve included a few photos below, and you can check out a larger gallery of the build photos here.




Via: [io9] Image Credits: [Clara Kim] [io9]