Coffeemaze – Perfect For When Your Guests Get Boring

Do you often find yourself in the position where you’re counting the seconds until you can leave somewhere? Maybe you’re having a bad meeting, or maybe a boring guest is visiting you that you would just like to dismiss if it was possible. Many times you’re stuck in that position until your conversation (if you could call it that) is finally over. So what do you do during times of boredom when your brain is frenetically trying to find something on the wall to focus on, or something to count or even sometime to visually dissect?

Well, you will be happy to know that there is a solution for this, and it’s called the Coffeemaze. Designed and conceptualized by designer Erdem Selek, this little treat of a game will surely put your mind to work while the aimless chatter from your guest is going on like there is no tomorrow.

All you have to do is to spill a little on the plate, and the game is on. What the game is? Isn’t it obvious? You’re supposed to get that spill to your destination… which happens to be two options really. Either you decide to angle it towards the center of the plate keeping the table and everyone at it clean and dry. Or, you decide to angle it towards the outer rim of the plate, and you are most likely to spill some on the table and maybe even on some of those babbling guests of yours (this is the more fun option). The choice is entirely yours.