The Coin Shooting Slingshot Pump Gun Made From Office Supplies

Everyone has a special talent, and if you don’t know what yours is, it simply means you haven’t discovered it yet. YouTube user JoergSprave definitely found his, and it’s creating unusual pump guns from the most mundane things around the house or office. A few weeks ago, he uploaded a video demonstrating his OREO Shooter which was a repeating 14-shot pump gun that blasts OREO cookies into a pile of crumbled memories.

Now he’s back, and this time he created a coin shooting slingshot pump gun from simple office supplies you’d find on your desk. He created this pump gun for some entertaining “office wars,” but unfortunately as of right now, there isn’t a tutorial to show you how to make your own. Hopefully he’ll post one, but in the meantime, we’ll have to watch this video in amazement. He made this from some cardboard, glue, rubber bands, a stapler and black ink.

According to YouTube, “The weapon is chambered for two euro-cents coins, but it will also fire US dimes and M5 washers. The super thin launcher uses a total of 10 office rubber bands to propel the projectiles fast enough to go clean through an empty ice cream carton. With its 12 round magazine, the weapon is ideally suited to win even the most fierce office battle in history!”

So the next time you’re sitting in your office, bored, and wondering what you can make with the stuff on your desk, think about JoergSprave and his pump guns. If anything, this will remind you that there is a whole world of creativity right there in your cubicle, you just have to tap into it and get building. I think it would be fun to make one of these that shoots M&Ms or some other kind of round candy. Then when you get shot with it, at least it would come with a sweet reward.

Coin Shooting Slingshot Pump Gun Made From Office Supplies


Via: [Geekosystem]