Virtual Baseball, Pet and Green Creature

Now you can watch and play baseball virtually. Get stats, control the pitch and with true blue baseball sound effects. All you need is a code, your computer and a webcam. More and more are doing studies and experiments with the virtual world. As consumers are looking for fun and interactive toys to play with. Hope that after you watch the 3 videos on here you will also try to make the experiments yourself.

ARF – Virtual Pet App for iPhone
Right now, this is mostly an experiment with different kinds of interactions the game might use, as well as testing the AR technology. So, you can use the touch screen to direct ARf around, touch him and scratch him. Since there is a lot of interest in AR and games on the iPhone, we wanted to show folks what we’re up to and some of what’s possible.

Hand Drawn Code

Don’t have a printer at home so I drew the tag myself. The result is not too god but at least got me to hold a green creature in my hands. The designer here was very crafty and not letting any limitation hamper his creativity.