Creative Breakfast Toasts For The Geek In You

As an Asian person, I love eating rice. Rice is a staple in our diet. To me, even if the viand is not very tasty, as long as the rice is perfectly cooked, I am happy. But since moving to the States, I rarely get to eat rice. Instead, I usually have a sandwich for lunch and sometimes for dinner. I don’t have a toaster, so I heat up my bread in a pan or just eat it as is. As long as it’s warm and crunchy, it doesn’t really matter to me. However, I found a toaster I might have to get now. It’s a very cool toaster called the Pop Art Toaster.

Now your morning toast never has to be ordinary again. Just pop in a piece of bread, and you get two different designs. The toaster uses a metal mask that allows either a “Bite Me” or an “Ugh” face design to be imprinted on your now not so dull toast. And, if you are the type of person who wants to add a touch of 50s design to your kitchen, then this is perfect for you. Another feature is that it has an adjustable thermostat control and a cool touch housing. The toaster is available on Think Geek for $44.99. If you buy the Pop Art Toaster, you’ll also get a USB coffee warming plate. So if you want to add some fun to your sandwiches, or if you want to bring a smile to your geek friends, just get to making some toast art in the pop toaster!

Toast Art Made Easy

Pop Art on Toasts