Creative Coffee Cup Design – Caffeine Inspiration

A lot of people, especially designers, seem to be very inspired by coffee and hot tea, have you noticed that? Maybe it’s because designers often keep unusual hours, so they drink a lot of it to stay alert. Or, perhaps it’s just because most of us plain love those drinks!

I drink a lot of coffee and tea. Since I usually get up around 3am everyday, I hit the coffee first thing. Many days, I make coffee before I even open my eyes all the way.

We’ve featured many coffee and tea designs. For example, we had this collection of creative coffee and tea mugs, this unusual umbrella coffee cup holder, this very unique Origami tea bag and my favorite, this used tea bag art. Today, we have another creative coffee design to add to our ever-growing collection. This one comes to us from designer Sung Hyeop Seo.

This may look like a few cups of take out coffee, but it’s really two memo pads with pens for straws. How cute is this? This would be a creative addition to any desk, although, I probably wouldn’t use the note cards. They are just too pretty and beautifully designed to scribble on!

[via Yanko Design]