Creative Beards: The Beards That Reel In The Girls

Alright, I might be a little off on that title here, but to some extent, it is all true. I mean, how could a girl ever say no to a guy with a candy beard for example? I am just asking. All statistics says that most girls are turned off by beards, and yet I sometimes don’t shave for weeks. Maybe I am hoping to be the exception to the rule, but I am quite sure I am not (hey a guy can dream right?). But then again, you have that two way kind of message coming from the female camp. So the statistics say girls in general don’t like guys with beards, mustaches and stuff. How about Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and of course Viggo Mortenson? You girls fancy them, right? I guess I am trying to justify my own attempts to sometimes sport the mustache and beard.

So how about getting a little more creative here. What if we skipped the facial hair beards, and let the imagination play its little game for a while? How about a Sticky Star Beard, a Mushroom Beard or even a Landscape Beard? Would that strike you as attractive at all? The Spun Sugar and Ice Cream Topping Beard must surely make you think twice before turning the guy down for a convo, right?

Maybe not then. So tell me (and the rest of the Bit Rebels / Geek community) what is? Let’s make a little poll here so that us geeks and guys can understand what not to shoot for. If you like beards or Niqi Segers‘s creative beard collection, or perhaps no beards at all, then enlighten the lost and be the beacon of light on the path to a cleaner, more exciting exterior. After all, it’s you who’s going to be looking at it. There is plenty more on Niqi Segers’s website.