Cthulhu Barbie Will Devour Every Single One of Your Toys

There have been some crazy Barbie dolls over the years. From the fishnet stockings-wearing DC Comics Black Canary to the world’s first tattooed Barbie to the upcoming Hunger Games Barbie, the blonde bombshell really has done it all. Or so you’d think.

Then along comes Sabrina Zbasnik, the creative blogger behind Introverted Wife. What started as a simple fun Photoshop project to see how many crazy Barbie ideas she could whip up has turned into a nightmare. Well, a good nightmare. It’s the kind where you’re a big fan of sci-fi and horror stories penned by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft. Yes, Sabrina has created an actual Cthulhu Barbie doll.

Made from an original Barbie doll, Sabrina painstakingly details exactly how she turned the perky plaything into an ancient soul-sucking creature. With a mix of latex, wires, tape, Kleenex and paint, this introverted wife proudly birthed one of the most grotesque and horrifying Barbies ever created. Her other Photoshop Barbies are pretty impressive as well, including Mage Barbie, Paladin Barbie, and a line of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Barbies.

Now don’t go racing to your local Toys “R” Us store just yet. Cthuhlu Barbie is just one doll. Who knows, perhaps Mattel will get wind of this and mass-produce an actual Cthulhu Barbie doll. I can only imagine poor little Amanda’s face when she opens up her birthday present, sees it’s a Barbie, and then shreaks in horror when her new precious blonde princess is sporting tentacles and leathery wings. Yeah, childhood would never be the same.

The original Photoshop Cthulhu Barbie that started it all.

She’s ready for her closeup.

Even Cthulhu Barbie knows the importance of a pink tiara.

Cthulhu Barbie just wants to be loved.

Via: [Introverted Wife]