Custom Zelda Wedding Rings: For Geeks Who Wanna Do It Right

When it comes to combining of the worlds of Zelda and jewelry, the closest we have gotten so far are the Blue and Red rings in the original Legend of Zelda game and the Ocarina of Time‘s Goron bracelet. But now, goldsmith Zsolt Székely took it upon himself to combine the two by designing and creating a delightful custom pair of wedding rings featuring the trademark logo of the Zelda franchise, the Triforce.

The rings feature gold on the outside with a Triforce cut into the front of each (where it looks like gems or diamonds could be set), and they are silver on the inside. The inside of one ring has the words “It’s dangerous” engraved and the other ring has the words “To go alone.” Together, the two complete the phrase spoken by The Old Man to Link in the beginning of The Legend of Zelda, which has become a very popular phrase across the geek community, not to mention the basis for many memes.

Székely originally hails from Transylvania, Romania where he was trained in his craft. He migrated to Canada in 1999 to continue his work. After a few years of settling in the Great White North, he eventually opened his own studio in Toronto in 2004. Zsolt specializes in wedding bands and engagement ring sets. All of his pieces are handmade from start to finish exclusively by him. He also does some work outside of the ring category. On his website, he has some examples of his other work, including tie tacks and USB cuff links. All of the pieces shown on his site are beautiful works of art and are worth at least taking a look at. And, I am sure if he can fabricate custom Zelda rings, he could take any of your geeky ideas and bring them to life. See some of his work below.

Custom Zelda Wedding Rings




Via: [Fashionably Geek]