Dad Of The Day: Father Builds Toddler Son A Tricked Out Custom Car

There is no question about it, this father gets the dad of the day award. It’s always heartwarming to see what loving fathers do for their children, and in this case, it’s extraordinary. Reddit user lingziluo basically built his toddler son, who is barely old enough to walk, a badass custom car. Before you go thinking this is just a child’s toy, keep in mind it cost more than a real car.

This tricked out toddler’s car would be a dream come true, if his son was old enough to realize how cool it is. It just so happens that our dad of the day customizes cars for his job, so he’s pretty experienced in this kind of work.

According to Hack A Day, “The car features a custom frame with rack and pinion steering, disc brakes, a rear differential, and a reputable suspension system. The body of the vehicle is crafted from carbon fiber. The lights all work and there’s an electric motor and transmission mounted just behind the driver’s seat.” Whoa!

You can click over to imgur to see quite a selection of build photos. I just put a few of them below. There’s even high beam and low beam on the lights, brake lights, reversing lights and turn signals. It has an aviation grade seat belt and a dynaudio system. To top it all off, it has a keyless start system. This wonderful family lives in China, and since China blocks YouTube, we don’t get a video to see it in action unfortunately.

My only question is, if this very talented father built this car for his toddler, what kind of car is he going to build him when he’s old enough to drive? You definitely deserve the dad of the day award. Your son is blessed to have you for his father!

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Via: [Hack A Day]