Delicious Dark Knight Rises Evening Cocktail Recipes

If you are looking for a geeky evening cocktail for a gathering with your friends this week, I’ve found just the thing for you. I don’t like that batman wasn’t part of The Avengers because to me, he’s the model superhero and should always be on a team compiled of the great ones. In the end though, it didn’t really matter since Dark Knight Rises held its own at the box office. If it had been offered in a 3D version like The Avengers, it might have even sold more tickets on opening weekend. This one article, Avengers vs. Dark Knight Rises, has 137 comments of people going back and forth about which one they liked better.

I’ve already written an article about evening Cocktails Inspired By The Avengers, so when I saw this, I knew it was time to give batman his turn in the cocktail spotlight. This drink recipe, which was featured on the front page of Instructables yesterday, is called The Dark Knight Rises Cocktail. I haven’t tasted it yet, but it looks delish.

The first thing you’ll need to do before anything else is make your batman ice cubes. They are super easy to create, and the second video below starts by showing you how to do that exactly. You just cut a little piece of lemon peel into the shape of the Batman logo, drop it into you ice tray, fill it with water and freeze. There is a reason why there are two different versions of this recipe here (one in a cocktail glass and one in a tumbler), and the recipes for each are slightly different.

The evening cocktail glass version makes a greater presentation at a party or when you just want to have a short drink. The version in a tumbler is great for when you want a longer drink without the fancy evening cocktail presentation. By making this in a tumbler, the ice cubes have a chance to cool the entire cocktail. Both of these recipes were created by Rogue Flore, a creative foodie from France. The original recipes for each of these are in French, but you can view them in English courtesy of Google Translate at Dark Knight Rises evening cocktail version 1 and Dark Knight Rises evening cocktail version 2. Enjoy!

2 Evening Cocktail Recipes For Batman Lovers




Via: [Instructables]