Darth Vader CD Player For Supreme Fans Of The Dark Lord Of The Sith

Darth Vader is our most favored Sith Lord who often tries to lure us to the dark side (also known as the Bogan or Boga by ancient Force-sensitives). The most notable villainous darksider or ruler of the New Sith Empire has put down his cookies and is instead looking to stalk your musical gallery by luring you to the dark side with sounds of your most beloved lyrics. Or perhaps he’ll turn you into a fallen or dark Jedi without becoming a committed member of any one organization.

Since darksiders draw power from raw emotions, which are some of the same emotions we feel when listening to music, including anger and passion, it might not be long before you become an apprentice. By unmasking your music with your very own Darth Vader Helmet CD Player, you will bring out the force with great power. As an owner of this Imperial music player, you will be able to pivot Darth Vader’s helmet upwards, enabling you to place your CDs inside.

Vader’s helmet is also a radio, which will allow you to play AM/FM tunes if of course you have misplaced your CDs in a galaxy far, far, away. You will not need any additional speakers since they are built right within the mask and are sure to bestow the clearest of sounds. This limited edition Darth Vader CD player has a telescopic antenna located in the back of the helmet to allow you to gain quality reception as well as the ability for you to select the order of songs you want to listen to on a CD. The CD player weighs only six pounds and requires six C batteries to operate. May the force be with you as you listen to your galactic jams and own a CD player that is only fit for supreme fans of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Darth Vader CD Player

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