2012: The Year Of DIY Halloween Costumes [Infographic]

If you are planning to dress up for Halloween, do you realize you only have about 10 days left to figure out what your ultimate Halloween costume will be for this year? Apparently this is another big year for tech-related DIY Halloween costumes. That includes both costumes that look like gadgets and costumes that incorporate tech into the costume itself. You really can’t go wrong with a playable Pac-Man Costume, a Broken iPhone Costume or any other geeky tech costume you can imagine.

According to this infographic called The Hunt Begins: Finding And Creating The Perfect DIY Costume (by TurboTax), the reason DIY Halloween costumes are so popular this year is because they are easier on our budgets. Although that may be true, I think DIY costumes are becoming more and more popular for other reasons too. After all, they are so much more creative and original than store bought costumes. We’ve written about some truly fantastic handmade cosplay and DIY Halloween costumes over the years, and they are usually the kind of things you could never find in a store.

If you’ve decided to take the DIY route this year, and if you haven’t gotten started yet, it’s time to giddy up! The big day will be here before you know it. This cute inforaphic offers some places you can look to get the inspiration you need to create your dream costume. Also, by taking a quick inventory of what you have around the house (and in your closet), you may find that you don’t have to actually buy as much as you thought to pull together the perfect Halloween costume. As this infographic says, you can use everything from old clothes to stuff you find underneath your bed to create the ultimate DIY Halloween costume. The only question left to ask is…What will you be this year?

Get Inspired To Create Your Own DIY Halloween Costume


Via: [TurboTax]