DIY Women’s Multi-Tool Disguised As A Tube Of Lipstick

This is the geekiest ladies multi-tool I’ve seen in a long time. The girl who created this badboy and uploaded it to Instructables a few days ago is of course getting some flack about it. Some people are saying it’s sexist, feminist or too girly. I hope she ignores all that and knows there are a lot of people out there who love her little design! I’m a girl who carries around a pink tool kit, so I suppose it would make sense that I would like this pocket-sized multi-tool that is disguised as a tube of lipstick.

Inside this lipstick tube, you’ll find a magnifying glass, a protractor with angles marked, a ruler with inches and centimeters, an awl, a flathead screwdriver, a blade, and storage space for other small tools. Instructables member ChrysN decided to create this since most multi-tools look manly. I agree. Most of the ones out there are bulky and ugly. She wanted to create a small and discreet multi-tool that looks nice yet has a bunch of functional tools.

I think it would be so much fun to need one of these tools, reach into my handbag, and pull out this lipstick. I would choose the best lipstick tube I could find for this so it looked even more luxurious and unique. This will definitely appeal to girly girls who also happen to be geeks (like me).

You can find her full tutorial at Pocket Multi-Tool For Women. It doesn’t look that hard to make, and this could be the ultimate weekend project if you’ve got a few hours and some inspiration. If you are looking for a more manly multi-tool, Richard wrote about one the other day that might appeal to you. Apparently it is a pretty badass option, and you can check it out at MacGyver Multi-Tool Is The Only Tool You Will Ever Need.

DIY Multi-Tool Disguised As A Tube Of Lipstick

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