Do You Hate Peepers? – Here’s How To Get Rid Of Them

I have to agree with this title 100% if I may be so bold. When I am on the computer, I just can’t stand people peeping over my shoulder to get a peek at what I am doing. Not because I am protective of what I am doing or even browsing those obscure websites. Not at all, that’s for anyone to see. It’s the perfectionist in me that gets upset when someone is peeking. Just the fact that I don’t get to finish what I am working on before someone is there to point their finger isn’t exactly my cup of tea if you get my drift. I would much rather finish my work and let the thought pattern do its thing.

There are some rather simple solutions to get rid of the “peepers” though. Rearrange your table. Make it face the the opposite way to the wall and get the “shielding” of the wall to keep your privacy intact. Or, just get the new Duplex Workspace table and your problems are solved in a heartbeat.

All you have to do is to pull the wooden cover over yourself and voila’, everything is fine and dandy. No more peepers will ever trouble you and your creativity. As for now, it’s just a prototype but the designer (Sophie Kirkpatrick) is fully set on putting this baby into production. So are you a cover up-er? This might be in your future.