Easy Stormtrooper Nail Art Tutorial Taught By Darth Vader

It used to be that we knew we really liked something when we talked about it a lot. That’s not the case nowadays, or at least it isn’t with me. Who the heck talks about stuff anymore, right? Nope. Well, we do talk about it, but it’s in the form of typing on our social media sites. These days, I can tell what sparks my interest by just looking at my Twitter and Pinterest. You can even go to a site like Tweet Cloud and generate a cloud of words that you tweet about most.

I can tell that I love geeky nail art by looking at my own Inspiring Nail Art board on Pinterest. I’ve pinned 91 images in there. Dang! 91? I need to get a real job. Wtf? LOL Nah, I’m just jokin. I love pinning, it’s helps me relax.

Most of the time when we feature creative nail art designs, we just show the nails themselves since rarely are the tutorials available in video format where you can actually see how it’s done. That makes sense. I mean, it must already be tough to create some of this stuff, and orchestrating a video recording of it would even make it all even more complex. However, Cute Polish made it happen, and it’s such a fun video I had to share it with you.

In potentially 1 minute and 39 seconds from right now, you could be the proud owner of some nail art knowledge that will transform your fingernails into a geek’s dream. You can do this! Don’t be afraid. After all, fear is the path to the dark side.



I couldn’t resist putting this in here. Click on it to see it super-sized. Stormtroopers in love…

Via: [Boisterous Skull Babble] Image Credit: [dezmocracy]