Expected Bitcoin Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

2021 saw some new trends in the way digital marketers in the Bitcoin and Crypto Coin space reach their target audience. Such trends are likely to continue in 2022 with the increase in methods and vehicles used by content creators, social media marketers, streamers, podcasters, and influencers. Keep reading to learn more about the expected trends for bitcoin digital marketing in 2022.

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Podcasts show no signs of slowing down. More and more people are opting to switch to podcasts as their preferred method of media consumption. It’s estimated that podcast listenership could reach the 1 billion mark by 2024. This number will continue to rise thanks to its availability across all major mobile devices currently on the market.

There are a number of bitcoin and cryptocurrency podcasts that have been launched in recent years. ‘What Bitcoin Did’ is a very popular podcast, as is the ‘Bad Crypto Podcast’ – both available on Spotify. It’s safe to say that podcasting will remain a strong digital marketing tool for bitcoin and cryptocurrency influencers throughout 2022.

Social Media

In 2022, the use of social media in reaching a target audience is still going strong thanks to its simplicity and convenience when compared to other advertising channels. This will continue to be the case as more and more social media sites catering to more targeted communities pop up.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are likely to see continued growth in use throughout 2022, with newer platforms like Instagram and TikTok increasing in popularity.

Although we see a trend shifting towards more niche platforms with a smaller reach, like Gettr, it’s expected that social media marketing will become an even more integral part of any digital marketing campaign for bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


The trend with streaming services is moving away from the traditional media outlets to more targeted audiences and growing in popularity with digital marketers, it’s only logical that streamers who are able to convert their regular audience into token holders will be hugely popular come 2022.

One such platform that has continued to grow is Twitch. The audience for Twitch is higher than all other live streaming apps combined. With the growth of this platform, it’s expected that streamers will continue to reach even more people in 2022 by being able to monetize their content.

One group that is monetizing their streams well on Twitch is the casino and slot streamers. The use of cryptocurrency to deposit at online casino accounts is becoming practically the norm in 2022 and bitcoin casinos are more popular than ever. There are even dedicated bitcoin casino games like Bitcoin Dice where players guess on the outcome of dice rolls. Simple, but very fast and very fun!


The appeal of an influential personality has continued to grow with the launch of platforms such as Instagram and the ever-growing popularity and reach of YouTube. Influencers will only continue their popularity if they keep current and on-trend. One of the most current and on-trend spaces to be in is crypto and NFTs, so it only makes sense for digital content marketers to be involved in this niche.

Crypto Coin influencers are popular on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond. This is the case with ‘The Crypto Lark’ – who has become a recognized authority in the crypto world, gaining new subscribers every day.

It’s likely that even more platforms will be launched in 2022 for influencers to share content and connect with fans and undoubtedly many will be bitcoin and crypto experts and marketers. Do we need to get into NFTs here?


Let’s talk about NFTs quickly. Non-fungible tokens are the future of digital ownership and will become even more popular in 2022, especially with gamers. It is likely that there will be many games launched that use tokenized collectibles come 2022 – which means another wave of bitcoin/cryptocurrency enthusiasts will join the party.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The social side of VR has not yet caught on like many expected it would at its inception however, with the launch of more headsets and new apps, this is set to change in 2022. For bitcoin and cryptocurrency marketers looking for that cutting-edge digital marketing technique then VR can’t be beaten.

It’s no surprise that as the technology behind virtual reality continues to improve and as its applications broaden, so will the appetite for marketers to use this cutting-edge technology in their campaigns.

VR is already beginning to redefine the mainstream digital marketing landscape and we can expect even more developments within it come 2022.


As we can see, digital marketing in the Bitcoin and Crypto space will continue to grow, change, and adapt to a point that is very different from what we know today. Even though platforms like Facebook and Twitter remain popular, they are likely to present more challenges for marketers than opportunities.

We see strong demand for more targeted and less mainstream platforms such as Gettr.com, Dispora, and Dribble (creative design social platform) where influencers can connect directly with their target audience and offer great value to the brands they work with – all thanks to the Blockchain.

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