An Extraterrestrial Predator Head Carved From A Humongous Tree Stump

There are a lot of things you can do with an old tree stump. You could make a swing, you could chop it into firewood, or you could even carve it into an extraterrestrial Predator head. When you look at these pictures, you’ll see that wasn’t such a bad idea. This tree stump Predator sculpture was created by deviantART user Simon Patel (simondrawme). It took him more than 90 hours to complete it, which makes sense when you see all the detail in this alien hunter’s face.

It’s hard to believe the first Predator movie came out in 1987. I saw it for the first time in the early ’90s, and to this day, it’s one of my favorite sci-fi classics. Some people like that movie even more than me…like the author who wrote Why Predator Is The Greatest Movie Ever Made.

There is one tidbit about the Predator movie which you may not know. The original Predator costume looked completely different, and Jean-Claude Van Damme was inside the suit. After several days of filming, they realized that Predator costume wouldn’t work for several reasons, so they stopped filming while they designed a different Predator suit.

The second one, which had actor Kevin Peter Hall (who is over 7 feet tall) inside it, is the Predator costume we are all familiar with today. Kevin Peter Hall also appears in the movie outside the Predator suit. He is the man at the end who says “What the f***?” (after the Predator blows up and when the helicopter is on the screen).

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured an extraterrestrial Predator carving on Bit Rebels before. If you want to see another one, you can click over to The Predator Pumpkin Carving. It’s one of the craziest pumpkin carvings I’ve ever seen. The Predator alien is definitely one of the most badass extraterrestrials of all time, and this tree carving is a wonderful homage to a classic. I wonder where Simon will display his masterpiece. Hopefully it will be somewhere where a lot of people can enjoy it.

The Extraterrestrial Predator Head Carving By Simondrawme

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