Extreme Body Painting Designs On Hands

I’m planning a birthday party for my six-year-old daughter. We’re going to a local kid-themed hair salon for a fantasy face-painting party this year. She’s thrilled. I’m happy too because for one, NO MESS at my house, and for two, they do amazing face painting. I’m the type of Mom who is happy to get her makeup on each day without resembling a clown or a raccoon. And if I thought the fantasy cats and butterflies the girls are going to become for the party were amazing, well, I was wrong. Guido Daniele’s face and body painting trumps it all. It’s been two years since he was featured here for his “handimals,” and while those are amazing, you gotta see his buildings, faux clothing, mountain scenes and fields of flowers. All made by painting hands!

Mostly done for advertisers, he has a huge gallery of amazing works for AT&T featuring world landmarks. It was nearly impossible to pick just a few for here. In some of them, you have to REALLY look hard to see the hands in the pictures. His movie backdrops and trompe l’oeil must be amazingly detailed. I had to do a few double takes to realize that some of those “clothes” were actually painted on like catwoman or Avatar.

arms fingers advertising Russia

thumbs paint advertising phone

thumbs costume phone grey

rocks wrists cell paint

thumbs wrists paint clock

iguana foliage arms makeup

drake fingers wrists paint

Image Credits: [Guido Daniele]