Fanatical Bubble Wrap Poppers – This Is For You!

What is it with our bubble wrap fascination? I just had a package delivered a few minutes ago, and my son and I both grabbed pieces of bubble wrap to pop before we even looked at what was inside the box.

When I’m around bubble wrap, I cannot control myself. I have to pop it. I have to squish it between my fingers and I have to stomp on it. I admit, I’m a crazy person around bubble wrap. After all, isn’t popping bubble wrap one of a geek’s favorite pastimes?

Well, I’m happy to say that I just found out that a pocket electronic gadget exists for us bubble wrap fanatics. It’s called a PuchiPuchi. It will allow us to indulge in that satisfying compulsion at any moment our heart desires.

Oh, and did I mention that it sometimes makes the sound of a fart, a barking dog or a sexy voice? Who cares about those – gimme the bubble pops! I have two last things to tell you about this. First, it’s a Japanese product (Duh!) and next, it’s sold out (Figures!). The link to purchase it is here.

[via technabob]