Fantasy Land for Foodies |

Have you ever learned about a website that has been around for a while, that is so cool, that you suddenly feel like you’ve been kept out of a big secret? That is how I felt when I learned about

This social media site for foodies, which was launched in 2007, experiences 10,000,000 unique visitors each month. Woah! Currently, there are over 2,000,000 posts on this site, which represent over 11,000 food blogs. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, because Foodbuzz leverages Facebook and Twitter, they are growing their membership by 10% each month!

The site is organized perfectly – the best user generated content is on the homepage. There are also over 125,000 restaurant reviews, over 230,000 recipes, a well thought out “Recipe Finder” database, discounts for members, and tons of other foodies from around the world to connect with. Check out the site at and let me know if you are as impressed as I am. It is inspiring me to get back in the kitchen again!