Finally! Crocheted Vulcan Ears To Cover Our Lame Human Ears

A few months ago, Richard wrote about a knitted Spock hat with Spock ears added to the side. That was nice and all, but it seems much more logical to simply transform our ears into Spock ears, doesn’t it? Who needs the hat attached? I mean, Spock doesn’t wear a hat. #justsayin

Inspired by all the Star Trek technology that has become a reality, Shove Mink, the blogger behind Croshame, decided to create these crocheted Spock ears so we can finally cover our lame human ears and tap into a higher intelligence. She made these in about 30 minutes.

She even posted the pattern she created so you can make these for yourself. Well, if you know how to crochet that is. I usually turn my crochet hooks upside down and eat Chinese food with them. Hey, what can I say? They make great chopsticks. I love her pictures below, especially the diagram that shows how to slip your ear into this cute little thing.

For the full Vulcan look, just get a little pixie bob wig from the costume store (cut straight bangs on it), and color (or pluck) some funky eyebrows. You’ll be sportin your badass extraterrestrial humanoid species style in no time. You can see her detailed tutorial at Wishing You A Very Logical New Year.

Crocheted Spock Ears Tutorial

Crocheted Spock Ears Tutorial

Crocheted Spock Ears Tutorial

Via: [Technabob]