The First Macintosh Rebuilt In LEGO Looks Just Like The Original

Now that the jOBS movie trailer about Steve Jobs has been released, there’s a whole new wave of inspiration when it comes to Steve Jobs and his life story. A few days ago, a photo even surfaced from 23 years ago of Steve Jobs wearing a funny pair of glasses. It is a rare glimpse of him having fun, and you can see it here on Nose Jobs. Another nugget of inspiration that surfaced over the past few days is the first Macintosh rebuilt in LEGO.

If you’re familiar with Apple’s history, you have probably seen the first advertisement with the first Macintosh from 29 years ago. The original Macintosh has become a nostalgic icon of dedication and success for tech geeks all around the world. LEGO master Chris McVeigh (aka powerpig) recently rebuilt the first Macintosh entirely out of LEGO. It looks exactly like it did in that ad. He did all this to commemorate the 29th anniversary of the original Macintosh.

According to powerpig’s Flickr page, he’ll be posting a building guide for this model within the next two weeks. He is also going to put together a few kits of the necessary LEGO blocks to sell to anyone who wants to be able to build this in the easiest way possible.

This is a perfect example of an inspiring LEGO build that isn’t made from hundreds of thousands of blocks, and it didn’t take years to complete. It’s just plain good – really good. It strikes a chord within us, which explains why it’s been so popular online. It’s a little odd that all of this focus on Steve Jobs that we are seeing lately comes on the heels of the news that Apple is no longer the world’s most valuable company (source: CNET). If seeing this first Macintosh tempts you to look at more, you can check out 13 Vintage Apple Ads That Helped Shape Who We Are Today.

The First Macintosh Rebuilt In LEGO

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