For True Trekkies | The Real Life Star Trek Bachelor Pad

Aww.. this story is a little sad, but at least it has a happy ending. We all have those people that we follow online and keep up with. Since I’m a die hard Star Trek fan, I’ve been watching Tony Alleyne online on and off for years.

He’s the guy that went Star Trek mad after his wife divorced him and he transformed his 500 square foot apartment into a Star Trek Voyager starship. He did it all himself and devoted his life to this for a while. He included all the essentials like voice activated lighting, a transporter room, LED lights and running lights, etc…

Then, he began his own design company, 24th Century Design, where his plan was to help other Trekkies with their own home Star Trek transformations. However, now come to find out, our little Trekkie friend went bankrupt. “I was convinced Trekkies all over the world would want a house like mine and pay me to do it,” he says. “But I was wrong and just overstretched.” On a happy note (I did say this had a happy ending), he is apparently not letting his financial problems get him down. He is using his benefit payments to fund a redesign of his own personal Voyager.

Maybe when his wife left him he should have taken up fishing or bowling, it would have cost a lot less money I’m sure. I can’t help but wonder if a bachelor pad like this helps him with the ladies. That is a question I would love to hear him answer. I admire you Tony for boldly going where no one has gone before; you are still a hero to me!