Futurama World – Now All In Lego!

How many successes can a guy have? Well, according to the guy behind “The Simpsons,” several. Not only is The Simpsons the longest running TV show on international television ever (I think) but Matt Groening actually created “Futurama” as well. It is another hugely successful animated TV show that pretty much everyone knows about. I just wonder how you could NOT be a huge fan of those shows.

However, that’s not what this is all about. This article is all about the awesome creation of the Futurama world… in Lego! Matt De Lanoy, the creator, must be quite a fan of the show to build this 5×7 foot Lego build, which, by the way, took over 2 years to build. When you look at it, there’s not enough time to actually look at them all… unless you’re a geek like me.

Every little detail is in there, and when you start looking for things, you quickly find that there is nothing missing really. It’s so awesome that you start losing your concentration after just a few minutes. I wonder how Matt managed to keep his concentration while building this thing. Two years is a long time to be piling up Lego blocks. That’s it, simple as that. I am genuinely awestruck!