Get Instant Geek Cred: Colorful Keyboard Flip Flops

By now you probably know that Misty and I both love flip flops, and we’ve written about them often. However, out of all the flip flops we’ve featured, these are without a doubt the geekiest most must-have ones I’ve seen yet.

I don’t know what it is about these colorful little nuggets of geekiness, but they make me smile. You may remember that back in 2009, Kito, a company in Thailand, launched their Kito Keyboard Flip Flops, which has since become their most successful product yet. Then, just last month, they released Kito Keyboard Flip Flops 2.1, which are the upgraded sandal version made with a real computer keyboard and that come in many different colors.

What this means is, now you have more geeky options. Instead of just walking around on a black keyboard, you can choose from blue, green, orange, pink, red, violet or yellow. Gone are the days when geek fashion was nerdy and out of style. Now that geeks are celebrated and revered, our fashion is top of the line. Oh, and in case you are wondering, these are not USB compatible, bummer. I wonder if this would go well with my technology bra. Hmm… I better not push it.

Geek Footwear Sandals Keyboard

Geek Sandals Made From Keyboard

Colorful Sandals Made From Keyboard

Via: [Geekologie]