The Complex & Detailed Hand Drawn Maze That Took 7 Years To Complete

This is probably the most intricate, detailed and comprehensive hand drawn maze we’ll ever see. It’s truly a work of art. It was unveiled recently on Twitter, and people are still talking about it. About four months ago, I wrote about the World’s Largest Hand Drawn Maze, but that maze is nothing compared to this, no offense of course. The maze you see below took over seven years to complete, and it is supposedly solvable.

Twitter user @Kya7y from Japan is the one who originally tweeted it. This hand drawn maze was created by her father, who works at a university in the athletic department as a janitor. He made it 30 years ago, and he says it was created on A1 size paper. I can barely even look at this thing without getting dizzy. It is hard to imagine someone spending seven years and several months on this maze, and you can see there is as much talent and skill incorporated into this as there is dedication and commitment.

Why did he do it? My guess would be that nobody knows except for him. Since so many people wanted to try to solve it, the daughter made fifty copies of it and sent them to people to give it a shot. So far, nobody has completed it though. I would think it would take weeks to find the exit, and I wonder if even the father who made this knows the actual path.

Just think, when he made this, he never knew that 30 years later he would have a daughter who would tweet pictures of it on a social media site called Twitter, and that it would go viral and inspire so many people. It’s really special that he’s saved it for all those years, and he would be such an interesting person to sit and talk with for a while. This is the most extraordinary hand drawn maze I’ve ever seen. It makes all the ones I’ve scribbled on restaurant napkins look like rubbish.

The Hand Drawn Maze That Took 7 Years To Complete





Via: [Oddity Central] [Spoon & Tamago]