Have Fun Accessorizing Your iPhone 4 and iPad!

Everywhere we turn, we see people either checking their messages or updating their social networking sites using their iPhones. Others check their email and browse the web often with their iPads. I still do not have an iPad (need to save up for it), but I do love using my iPhone to call, send SMS, browse the Internet and update FaceBook and Twitter. It has really has made being connected to everyone so much easier. It is great that telecommunication companies have made data plans more affordable and flexible for their customers.

With so many people now using both devices, more and more companies have made accessories available to dress up our favorite gadgets. The prime consideration, of course, when we select an accessory, is the protection of our gadget. The second consideration is usually how much fun it will be and its uniqueness! We all want to dress up our device to show people our unique character and to show the fun side of our personalities. I found two accessories that caught my attention this week. One is for the iPhone, and it is called the iPlunge stand. This little baby allows you to prop up your iPhone, and it sells for only $5.99.

And for the iPad, there is the Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case. Now you can dress up and disguise your iPad to look like the child’s toy. The case was made by the same makers as the Etch-A- Sketch toy. There is even an Etch-A-Sketch app available for your iPad. Just open the app and play with your iPad like it was a real Etch-A-Sketch and amaze your friends! This case sells for $39.99.