The 70 Year History Of Batman Explained In Pictures

Aside from Wonder Woman, Batman is definitely the most badass superhero in the Justice League, don’t you agree? There’s no doubt he’s a ladies man, and he wears his cape well. The Internet community seems to love Batman too, and many people have tried to track the evolution of everything pertaining to Batman and his entourage of goodies. We’ve written about the history of the Batmobile and the Bat-Suit, but today we are going to show you the overall history of Batman and bat evolution, and it’s all explained in pictures.

The way this history of Batman chart is laid out is truly brilliant. You just choose the time frame you want to see at the top and then scroll down to view all the memorable Batman snips from during that time. To me, this is so much better than a cluttered infographic full of text. It’s kind of a way to see the history of Batman in a simple format at-a-glance.

This was created by Reddit user gonzoblair. One interesting little tidbit I learned when I was researching this was that if you say “my cocaine” it sounds like you are saying “Michael Caine” in Michael Caine’s voice. It’s true, go ahead, try it! I’ve been saying it like that for about ten minutes and giggling the whole time. Hey, it’s the little things that make life sweet, right? Before you start chopping this chart up, I know there are several little things that are missing. Nobody said it was perfect. But regardless of the tiny details, if you are a Batman fan, this will lay out a nice history of Batman for you in a streamlined way. To get the full effect, you really have to see the humongous version. You can click on the infographic below to enlarge it a bit, but if you have a big screen and you want to see the biggest one, just go here on imgur. Enjoy!

Click This History Of Batman Chart To Enlarge


Via: [Jay Mug]