Hole-Digging Calculator: Where You’d End Up If You Just Kept Digging

Remember the good old days? Those days when you would sit in the back garden, digging a giant hole? I do. I was digging to China. It’s probably good that I never made it. After all, it would have been a tad hot in the molten parts of the earth, I think. I mean, I would have brought my sunglasses and sunscreen along, but that 3000+ temperature might have been a bit much. There’s another reason that it’s good we never made it – we wouldn’t have gotten to China, anyway. According to the hole-digging calculator on this web site, I would have emerged into the ocean somewhere near the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.

While all of that ocean water would have really cooled me down after my excursion through the core of the planet, I don’t know if my scuba gear would have survived the trip. All that to say that it’s probably best that the hole I was digging did not get to be much more than three feet deep.

Now for the burning question – where would you need to live to dig a hole through the earth to China? Well, that depends where you want to get to in China, of course. To get to the far western regions of China, you’d need to get a boat and dig down off the coast of Chile. To get to Beijing, you would need to dig near the pretty city of Viedma, Argentina. It is odd that the tourist information for Viedma doesn’t even mention this fact. I wonder if the 40,000 plus inhabitants of this fair town know that they’re in the perfect hole-digging location? Perhaps they are just keeping it a secret.

Let’s all raise a shovel to our next vacations! Click over to the hole-digging calculator to experience this for yourself. Zoom into the first map and move the map around until the big red drop points to the place where you live. Where will you end up? Take a look at the second map to find out. You can zoom in and out as you can on all Google Maps, so you can see what towns are closest to the place where you’d land.

Hole-Digging Calculator

Find out where your hole would lead if you just kept digging and digging.


Image Credit: [HerryLawford / Flickr]