How To: Be A Hacker (Or Just Look Like One)

Have you ever wondered what a computer hacker looks like? You might be surprised to know. If you haven’t had much experience with all things related to being a computer geek, you probably picture a villain or scoundrel-like person in your mind. However, being a hacker doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation. As Richard has pointed out in his articles before, hacking can simply be another form of customization, and there doesn’t always have to be a malicious aspect to it all.

My favorite hacker from the movies is Neo in The Matrix. He makes being a hacker seems sexy and cool, although I imagine it probably isn’t like that in real life. Have you ever had a computer hacker fantasy and wanted to be one? Of course not, right? Don’t answer that question out loud. I’m happy to say now you have your chance. A new site called Hacker Typer will allow you to pretend you are Neo and type in the matrix. It is completely wicked cool, and the image below is from my own hacking. There are new features being added to this site constantly, and it’s so simple and fun.

Just so you know, it went viral last night so you may get an error message when you visit the site; however, just stick with it for a second and it will cycle through. If you are using a Mac, hit the ALT key three times and the ACCESS GRANTED box will appear. Wow, it seems like you are computer hacking already, doesn’t it? Just be careful when you are in the matrix. Don’t do anything to destroy us all, okay?

Enter Hacker Typer Here (at your own risk)

How To Be A Hacker

Computer Hacker Creative Illustration

Via: [GeekOSystem] Image Credit: [funkwood / Deviant Art]