How To: Build A Lego Ship In A Bottle

Did you know that it’s really possible to build a Lego ship in a bottle? It is! I can tell you after watching this time-lapse video that it will take a very steady hand and a ton of patience. Julia Morley gets my Geek of the Week award for sure!

She says at the beginning of the video that this “project took a week of planning, three days of building, a large number of expletives, and some interesting use of very long tools.” You’ll see that she accidentally knocked off one of the sails, which she decided not to fix because it would be too precarious.

She used a cheap wine bottle and Bricksmith software to make this. She put glass beads and floral resin in the bottom of the bottle to create the surface she needed for her ship. She built it back-to-front and only used bricks that could fit into the neck of the bottle. You can see the picture below of all the materials she used. If you would like to know how to build one of these for yourself, click over to MOC Pages to check out her post about it.

The video of this ultimately geektastic project, which has been on YouTube for four days, originally had the worst most annoying music ever, so I have spared you the agony. However, apparently I wasn’t the only one that thought that since she uploaded a new version of the same video without the music. Yay! Now I can present this to you, and wow is it fabulous! Not to take any glory away from Julia at all, but I think it’s important to point out that she is not the first person to show us how to build a Lego ship in a bottle. I remembered seeing something about this last year, and upon further research, found Jeremy Moody. He built his in 2010, and he used the same process as Julia. His long tools were bent coat hangers and chopsticks.

Build A Lego Ship

Lego Ship In A Bottle

Via: [GeekOSystem] [Gadget Lab]